Dental Bridges in Gig Harbor, WA

A dental bridge is a permanent resolution for replacing a missing tooth or gap. It is made up of several pieces that are fused together to fit into the space where the tooth or teeth are missing. They are also seen as an alternative solution to dentures. Dental bridges are seen as a practical option as well as being aesthetically pleasing when it comes to filling in gaps that you may have in your mouth. Many adults have missing teeth for one reason or another, and can often cause problems in your mouth if you don’t consider a solution to the problem. Dental bridges can be porcelain or metal materials, but mostly a porcelain option is used because of the color of teeth. You may be wondering what are the benefits and the process for having dental bridges fitted. Hopefully, this article will help answer that for you.

The benefits of having dental bridges fitted

There are many different advantages and benefits for having s dental bridge fitted to your mouth and can help to resolve gaps that may have formed because of missing teeth. 

Boosting your confidence

One of the obvious reasons why you may want to get a dental bridge is to boost your confidence. Many people can feel self-conscious when they have gaps in their mouth, so using a dental bridge to fill the gap can help you to feel better. Getting more information about dental bridges from your dentist can help you to feel more informed.  

Restoring a natural look in your mouth

A dental bridge can help to restore a natural look in your mouth. They can be made out of porcelain where they can match up to your tooth color. 

Helps maintain a normal facial structure

When there are missing gaps in your mouth, you may find that the structure of your face changes slightly because of your jawline. Having dental bridges fitted could help you to maintain a normal facial structure, which can help with other areas such as speech. 

Prevents teeth from moving into the missing gap

Sometimes when there are gaps in your teeth, it often means that other teeth start to move into the gap that has been created. This changes the facial structure of your jawline as well as causing further gaps in your teeth. It can then have an effect on your self-confidence. Having a dental bridge fitted can help you to feel more confident with this, and avoid any natural teeth moving in your mouth which could cause more problems in the future.

The process

It may take a few different appointments for you to have a dental bridge fitted to your mouth and to help create the smile that you want. The first step is to prepare the mouth and teeth ready for the dental bridge.  The dentist will look to remove any enamel to make way for the crowns that will be fitted with the dental bridge. Once the mouth is prepared a further appointment will be sued to fit the dental bridge and the crowns.